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AAT/MRD review appeal

The Australian Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT), under the framework of federal law, has the power to independently review the decisions of various administrative agencies throughout Australia. MRD is the abbreviation of Migration & Refugee Division (Immigration and Refugee Division), which is a branch of AAT. When the Immigration Bureau makes a decision to reject or cancel various visas, MRD has the right to start the decision of the Immigration Bureau Review and decide whether it is correct or not.

The appeal fee for a review of appeal fees is usually $1673, unless there are special circumstances stipulated by law.

  • Family-sponsored tourist visa

  • Business immigration sponsored by the state government

  • Family Group Visa

  • Employer sponsored visa

  • Skilled migration visa (submitted in Australia)

  • Student visa (submitted in Australia)

AAT 复审流程

  1. 向AAT递交有效的上诉申请材料(可通过在线、当面或邮递的方式提交),并交纳上诉费用。
  2. 收到申请人的申请材料后,AAT将会发送确认信给申请人。同时,AAT将请求移民局提供申请人的相关材料。
  3. 当AAT确认申请人的材料无误后,开始审理。
  4. AAT邀请申请人参加听证,或提供必要的补充材料。
  5. AAT做出判决,并以书面形式通知申请人结果。

Review result

AFFIRM: AAT determined that the Immigration Department’s decision to reject or cancel the visa was correct.

SET ASIDE: AAT believes that the decision of the Immigration Department to reject or cancel visas should be corrected. AAT can make new decisions in accordance with the immigration law.

REMIT: AAT believes that the decision of the Department of Immigration to reject or cancel the visa should be reconsidered, and the Department of Immigration will reconsider the application based on the AAT’s decision.

No Jurisdiction: AAT believes that it has no right to retry the applicant’s case.

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