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Since 2009, China-Australia Express has been providing immigration and study abroad services for Chinese in Australia, and has been following up on the latest policies to become a high-quality overseas study and immigration agency in Australia. China-Australia Link provides diversified services, including study visa application, employer guarantees and investment immigration, etc., to solve customers' study and immigration Obstacles encountered, and provide suggestions to speed up the approval time.

Immigration method

There are many types of visas for immigrating to Australia. It is very difficult for customers who want to understand immigration methods for the first time. In view of this, the China-Australia Pass classifies various major immigration methods, including Skilled immigration, employer guarantee, business investment and family spouse immigration.

Skilled immigration is a highly chosen method. Applying for permanent resident status as an individual through academic qualifications, work or professional and language achievements, in addition to the basic 189 visa, China-Australia will suggest other immigration methods based on the characteristics of the client , Including 190 states guaranteed skilled immigrants, 491 remote areas guaranteed skilled immigrants, etc., try to speed up the acquisition of permanent resident status.

China-Australia Link also helps to apply for the visa appeal service to review rejected or cancelled visas.

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Why choose us?

The Sino-Australian team is good at listening to customers’ questions, truly starting from the customer’s perspective, combining their professional investment knowledge and years of living overseas with a favorable background to tailor the most suitable investment immigration plan for customers, and successfully helping hundreds of business investment customers Successfully invested and immigrated to Australia.

  • Australia registered study abroad consultant

  • Australia registered and licensed migration agent

  • Close relationship with various colleges and universities

  • Years of experience and professional investment knowledge

  • Deeply understand the laws and policies of studying abroad and immigration

  • People-oriented service attitude

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Code of Conduct for Migration Agents

According to Australian law, any agent that provides visa immigration information services must register with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) and comply with the Migration Agent's Code of Conduct.

All of our company's migration agents are MARA registered migration agents and are authorized to provide clients with reliable immigration visa advice. In order to ensure that it is in line with today's rapidly changing immigration laws and regulations, our company's immigration agents have been continuously improving their professional standards, and strive to provide each client with the most accurate, reasonable and considerate visa immigration advice.

If you want to know more about the Code of Conduct for Migration Agents, you can click on the following link:

You can log on MARA official website and click on our registered migration agent information: